For your business to reach peak productivity, you need a workforce that’s producing peak performance. Unfortunately, most businesses in Australia are unable to hit even 70% of their potential. Why? Because they are not investing in staff. So how do you boost your staff’s productivity?

When employees don’t feel appreciated, they lack the motivation to work harder. So, the solution is to find ways your staff will feel that you care about them. Here are 10 best ways of taking better care of your staff:

1. Professional Workplace

professional workplace

The work environment affects the morale of the employee from day one. If it doesn’t meet their expectations, it will turn them off. Make sure that the workplace is kept as professional as possible. This includes keeping the place organised in a way that everything runs smoothly. Contract other services such as housekeeping, cleaning to make the workplaces professional for the staff. Your employees should only be left to provide the services they are hired for. That’s the kind of environment that will make the staff feel taken care of.

2. Improve Employees’ Healthy

Your staff spend most of the day in the office. So, this is the place where their health should be taken care of to keep them physically and mentally fit. You don’t have to do a lot, though. You just need to create an environment that enables them to live a healthy life. Invest in healthy workstations such as sit-stand desks to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. You should also provide them with healthy food to avoid weight gain. If you can set up a gym or pay one for the staff, it will make them feel appreciated.

3. Install An Office Water Filter System

office water filter

Have your employees been bringing drinking water from home? Well, that’s not good for business. It is one of the small things that can lower your staff morale in a big way. What happens when the water bottle goes empty? Providing staff with clean and quality drinking water is crucial. Don’t buy bottled water but install an office water filter system for filtered drinking water in Australia. You can purchase your countertop water filters or undersink water filters from discount fridge filters. Note that hydration improves staff performance.

4. Go Down To Staff Level

One big mistake some bosses make is staying above their staff level. Do you have special parking only meant for you? Do you make staff members do things for you, including carrying personal things? Well, this is not an environment that will make employees feel appreciated. Go down to their level by not acting like you are above them. For example, brew coffee if you need a shot. Help employees when they have issues both at work and personal life. This will make them feel appreciated.

5. Extend To Their Significant Others

One of the areas that some bosses forget to take care of is showing interests in their staff’s significant others. It’s important to note that the staff’s personal life influences their performance. That’s why it’s important to make their partners part of the company’s larger family. If you have a company event, holiday or staff tour, include their partners. The gesture will create a positive image of the company to the employees.

6. Proper Remuneration

present idea to your team

If your staff feel underpaid, it will demoralise them. They will feel exploited and not appreciated for the skills they offer. That’s why you should keep evaluating your employees’ salary based on company growth, workload and skills. If the business can pay better salaries, then you should do it. Research on how the same services or skills are being paid in the market. That’s how to ensure that your employees are well salaried as per the market rates.

7. Help Them Grow

Most employees want to grow and move from their career from the current stage. As an employer, you have a big role to play in their growth. If they want to further education, you should help them create an environment that enables them to study. This includes some day off to attend classes. If they just want to grow experience, provide them with the environment. A good example is giving those who want to grow the managerial skills roles to improve their skills. This will make them feel appreciated.

8. Recognise A Good Job

If the staff have done a good job for the company, appreciate it. But this is something that some bosses fail terribly. Make it your thing to always recognise employees for the excellent job done. It may not be about reward, though it could be good, but just a word of appreciation. This makes the staff feel appreciated for the skills and the hard work. They will have the morale to work on the next project even better. Just say, ‘this is good, thank you’, and it will go a long way.

9. Be Real and Transparent

businesswoman in meeting

For your staff to feel comfortable to work, you must be real and transparent in everything about their work. Make sure that everything, including appraisals, is done transparently. If you are giving feedback on performances, say as it is. Whether it’s negative or positive feedback, be honest. Sometimes, the conversation may be uncomfortable, but it will not hurt the staff if it’s honest.

10. Open Communication

Last but not least, one tip to taking better care of your employees is maintaining an open-door policy. A lot of negative energy builds up when the boss and the employees cannot communicate directly. Be open with the employees by encouraging them to approach you whenever they have something to discuss -be it work-related or personal. But, ensure that the hierarchy of command at the workplace is always observed.

Operating a successful business depends on how you take care of the employees. The trick is to make the staff feel they are part of the company. Make their life easy at work and away from the office. Try these tips, and you will experience a very low employee turnover rate.