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Forms of White Collar Crimes and Your Initial Defence Against Any of It

Forms of White Collar Crimes and Your Initial Defence Against Any of It

The term ‘crime’ creates images of violence, hapless victims, or even dead bodies in most people’s minds. But did you know that there are serious crimes that do not use violence? Well, these are the white collar crimes widely referred to as non-violent crimes. They are criminal activities planned and carried out in the business sector, and those involved are usually professionals occupying positions of power.

The main motive of white-collar crime is usually financial gains such as stealing from employers, clients, investors, etc. These crimes are usually very elaborate, sophisticated, and so well executed that they might take years to uncover.

Here are some of the common forms of white collar crimes and the most effective initial defence by a criminal lawyer:

1. Fraud

This is one of the most common white-collar crimes here in Australia. Many unsuspecting people have been caught in frauds, and some have lost a lot of money. Any money gotten through deception or falsehood is a fraud. The most common frauds include requesting an advance fee and failing to deliver on the promise. Computer hacking and online shopping scams are also categorised as fraud in Australia.

Defence: The initial defence should be that you didn’t have fraudulent intent. You should also prove that there was no risk of loss to the plaintiff or evidence was gained illegally.

2. Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes are simply attractive investment opportunities that are designed to steal from unsuspecting investors. There have been too many in Australia, and probably hundreds are going on right now. Most of these investments promise high returns, mostly multiplefold, and first investors are paid very well. But as more people put money into the investment, the business suddenly collapses, and the owners disappear with the money.

Defence: The first thing is to show that you didn’t intend to steal from the investors. If the prosecutor cannot prove intent, the case will be dropped.

happy businessman with lots of money on the table

3. Embezzlement

This is probably one of the most common white collar crimes in large companies and organisations. Embezzlement includes theft or larceny of the organisation’s resources. A good example is executives stealing from business accounts. It could also be employees stealing a few dollars from the miscellaneous kitty. Fuelling your personal car using company fuel for personal use is also embezzlement.

Defence: Show lack of intent is a perfect defence. A good lawyer will task the prosecutor with proving intent. Challenging the legality of evidence collection can also set you free.

4. Corporate Frauds

Most of the corporate frauds include people in high offices in organisations and usually involve millions of dollars. A good example is a bank CEO and management producing fake profit reports to maintain their shareholding value. The reason could be they are stealing from the bank and concealing their tracks. Eventually, the investors are likely to lose their investment when the crime is uncovered.

Defence: If multiple parties are involved, your criminal defence lawyer should demonstrate your lack of knowledge. This could be by proving that you lack the capacity to execute such a crime.

5. Bankruptcy Fraud

businessman filing bankruptcyPeople who have accumulated debts and they cannot pay are allowed to file for bankruptcy. In such cases, their debtors stand to lose a lot of money since they can only get a fraction of their borrowed money. After that, all debts are cancelled. The criminal aspect of bankruptcy is that the party could be hiding properties intentionally when filing. If that’s the case, then they have committed a crime.

Defence: showing a lack of knowledge of the said property should be the first line of bankruptcy fraud defence. The lawyer should task the prosecutor with proving it wrong.

6. Extortion

There are many forms of extortion in white-collar crime. One of the most common is coercing an institution, business, or another person to give services, money, or even property. A good example is asking someone for money to keep a secret that would harm them. Extortion is a common crime in gang-ridden areas. Blackmailing people for financial gain is also treated as extortion and crime.

Defence: Showing the lack of intent to commit a crime is a good defence. The lawyer should also challenge how evidence collection was done. If it was illegal, charges would be dropped.

7. Bribery

Bribery is another prevalent white-collar crime in most societies. Due to fears of consequences of wrongdoing, the liable person may tend to bribe their way out. A good example is a bank CEO caught stealing from the bank or hiding crucial information trying to bribe investigators or whistleblowers. Bribes come in all forms, including money, positions, properties, and so on.

Defence: Tasking the prosecutor with proving bribery happens can set you free. Questioning the validity of evidence provided can also water down the charges. You can also challenge the collection of evidence and say it was illegal.

8. Money Laundering

handcuffed criminal doing money laundering and fraud

With the increasing gang-led and illegal deals involving large sums of cash, money laundering has become a big thing in the financial sector. The huge kickbacks that come with processing such fraudulent money have gotten many people into this crime. If your bank accounts were used to legitimise dirty money, you have committed a white-collar crime.

Defence: Lack of knowledge and capacity to execute the plan is a good defence. In some cases, coercion or evidence of being forced can be helpful in court.

9. Espionage

This is another fast-growing crime in the corporate world. Due to competition, companies are always looking to get secret information about competitors. They may send their person to the competitor’s business as a regular employee, but his real job being spying and stealing data for the competitor. Espionage is a severe criminal activity punishable by law.

Defence: For the company, it should be dissociating from the claims and everything about it. Showing a lack of participation or knowledge of the crime is key.

These are some of the common white-collar crimes even here in Australia. If charged with such crimes, you need an excellent criminal defence lawyer to get you off the hook or secure a favourable sentence. Any white collar crime can earn you a very long jail term if the prosecutor’s case is not challenged.

Reasons Why You Should Consider HVAC As A Career

Reasons Why You Should Consider HVAC As A Career

HVAC is one successful option if you are considering to take up a career. A climate control system, heating, ventilation, the air conditioner is something that every house will have. There are many people who are unaware of the severe shortage of HVAC professions which can help them boost their career. You can easily start yourself to be employed as a skilled professional. In this article, we are going to be talking about the reasons you need to consider HVAC as a career.

It is all about problem-solving

HVAC professional is someone who can help ensure that they have all the right problem-solving skills which work on repairs. This is a field which offers everyone a chance for continual hands-on learning and allows you to have an environment where you constantly have to learn. If you put forth the right efforts, you can learn from the vast amounts of knowledge which can help one get all the right trades.


You are not stuck in the office

Besides the work being challenging yet rewarding, HVAC as a career offers you a change of pace. If you are not someone who enjoys staying one place always this is the career for you. This is one place where you will not be repeating the same thing but can allow you to explore new challenges always. This is also a job where you will meet a lot of people from different backgrounds allowing you to thrive.



One of the main reasons that HVAC can be taken as a career is that you have a variety of work and are not confined to one place. You will experience new air conditioning installations, new furnace installations, air conditioning repairs, etc., which is all a part of the heating and air conditioning profession. If you are passionate about the same you need to make sure that you have the right change which will help you have plenty of variety of repairs that can help you in your installations/

Master of the art

We do not see a lot of HVAC professionals but understanding the profession can help you provide all the accurate information, which is sure that you are providing the right services. There are a lot of ways that this profession can take you, and as a professional, you need to make sure that you are bringing the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, freezing to death, etc. A career in HVAC gives you access to help others be happy and also allow you to be the go-to person every time any situation arises. You will be the only person; people will look up to, which will allow you to use your skills for the better.

What Is An Apprenticeship? Overview & Guide

What Is An Apprenticeship? Overview & Guide

An Apprenticeship is a genuine job role that involves classroom training or practical training at the job. If you’re looking for a career change or want to update your skills, then doing an Apprenticeship in a reputed company will help in switching from one job to another. In lay man’s terms, it is a combination of both jobs and an in-job training program that leads to extended credentials. Once you’re done with training, then you’re declared qualified to the next ticket or a higher position in the same field. It includes the following:

  • Working alongside experienced staff and staff members
  • Acquire job-specific skills
  • Enjoy the perks of an employee, like pay and holidays.
  • Training and other study materials related to the trade or the job filed.

What are the different levels?

different levels?

Generally, all Apprenticeships includes the elements of a job, but in the off-job training patterns, which leads to enhance the industry standards of the job seeker or the candidate and enhances their qualifications. Some of the Apprenticeship requires assessments at the end of their program, to check the ability and competence of the candidate to work in that particular field. This requires four different levels.

  • An intermediate level called level 2 with 5 GCSE passes with Grade A* -C or band of 9-4
  • An advanced level called level 3 with 2 A level passes or level 3 diploma or an International Baccalaureate
  • Higher-level or the levels 4,5,6 and 7 with foundation degree and any degree above it
  • A normal degree which is the 6th and 7th level with a Bachelor’s and master’s degree.

They’re generally open to all kinds of people- men, women and youth. If you want a career change or you’re in your high school and want to update your skills, you can also take up Apprenticeship.

Earnings during Apprenticeship

According to the National Minimum Wage for all Apprentices,  the law is revised to 4.98USD per hour. This law applies to the apprentices that are below the age of 19 or lesser, or they’re in the first year of their Apprenticeship. Anyone above the age of 25 years is subjected to the minimum wages set by the government and the company. An Apprenticeship survey of Great Britain estimated that an Apprenticeship pay on an average cost 6.70 pounds or level 2 and 3 candidates. However, in many countries, it directly depends upon the company to decide according to the candidate’s knowledge.

Role of Training Providers

Role of Training

The trainers or the people who provide training to these candidates are called training providers. They have a crucial responsibility of providing ample and proper quality training to help candidates achieve their qualifications and support their Apprenticeship. They ensure:

  • An induction program
  • A detailed map of the training program
  • Regular check-ins and reviews
  • Mentor and provide support throughout the program

Why Apprenticeship program?

The programs are not mandatory but they will help in building and shaping an individual’s career in the direction that they need, by undertaking essential programs. It also helps

  • Earn wages
  • Access training to meet company standards.
  • Increases your skillset on the resume.
Ways Your Business Can Quickly Upskill Its Workforce

Ways Your Business Can Quickly Upskill Its Workforce

There are many technological advancements which are keeping the modern workforce on its toes. The world is looking into projects to make sure that they are making the biggest changes in the industry. With these changes, if you are looking to thrive, you need to make sure that you are moving and training your staff with the same. There are many who have seen a shift with new technology with a more agile business that benefits with the projects and also boosts the productivity of the technological changes it will be bringing.

Continuous professional development

More than just training, you need to make sure that your employees are following professional development which helps your workforce to learn. This focus on gaining professional qualifications for the workforce allowed people to have a better impact than the typical training program. Having your staff complete without any recognised training programs can ensure that you have the newcomers to their fields. There are a few professionals who focus on the certifications which offer the depth of education that can be replicated from other forms of learning.


Microlearning is the process where one can target and continuously have a professional development that involves giving your employees a small burst of education with a certain skill. You need to make sure that you concern yourself way too much with the workforce. This is a flexible form of learning which can suit the microlearning courses which can help you enjoy specific roles within your country. There are many employees who learn everything which is crucial for their tasks as this helps you save time.



When you invest in new technology, you need to change the way you do your business. You need to make sure that your employees are skilled with new skills. When you are recruiting them, you need to understand how technically talented they are to go ahead around and fill up the survey which cannot fill the opening positions. Even with talented people in your organisation, you need to make sure that you are being exposed to the training to help meet the company’s new skills gap. It is important that people are trying to investigate and integrate your workplace culture and invaluable knowledge in the current position.

Updates your experts

Many employees in the workforce are digitally savvy and are actively pursuing new training and in-demand skills. These employees need to be very valuable but also demonstrate their skills which will help one seek the right opportunity allowing them to improve their skills further. These employees need to maintain the digital savvy makes allowing them to have a valuable asset by your side, helping them develop their skill.

Taking Better Care Of Your Staff

Taking Better Care Of Your Staff

For your business to reach peak productivity, you need a workforce that’s producing peak performance. Unfortunately, most businesses in Australia are unable to hit even 70% of their potential. Why? Because they are not investing in staff. So how do you boost your staff’s productivity?

When employees don’t feel appreciated, they lack the motivation to work harder. So, the solution is to find ways your staff will feel that you care about them. Here are 10 best ways of taking better care of your staff:

1. Professional Workplace

professional workplace

The work environment affects the morale of the employee from day one. If it doesn’t meet their expectations, it will turn them off. Make sure that the workplace is kept as professional as possible. This includes keeping the place organised in a way that everything runs smoothly. Contract other services such as housekeeping, cleaning to make the workplaces professional for the staff. Your employees should only be left to provide the services they are hired for. That’s the kind of environment that will make the staff feel taken care of.

2. Improve Employees’ Healthy

Your staff spend most of the day in the office. So, this is the place where their health should be taken care of to keep them physically and mentally fit. You don’t have to do a lot, though. You just need to create an environment that enables them to live a healthy life. Invest in healthy workstations such as sit-stand desks to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. You should also provide them with healthy food to avoid weight gain. If you can set up a gym or pay one for the staff, it will make them feel appreciated.

3. Install An Office Water Filter System

office water filter

Have your employees been bringing drinking water from home? Well, that’s not good for business. It is one of the small things that can lower your staff morale in a big way. What happens when the water bottle goes empty? Providing staff with clean and quality drinking water is crucial. Don’t buy bottled water but install an office water filter system for filtered drinking water in Australia. You can purchase your countertop water filters or undersink water filters from discount fridge filters. Note that hydration improves staff performance.

4. Go Down To Staff Level

One big mistake some bosses make is staying above their staff level. Do you have special parking only meant for you? Do you make staff members do things for you, including carrying personal things? Well, this is not an environment that will make employees feel appreciated. Go down to their level by not acting like you are above them. For example, brew coffee if you need a shot. Help employees when they have issues both at work and personal life. This will make them feel appreciated.

5. Extend To Their Significant Others

One of the areas that some bosses forget to take care of is showing interests in their staff’s significant others. It’s important to note that the staff’s personal life influences their performance. That’s why it’s important to make their partners part of the company’s larger family. If you have a company event, holiday or staff tour, include their partners. The gesture will create a positive image of the company to the employees.

6. Proper Remuneration

present idea to your team

If your staff feel underpaid, it will demoralise them. They will feel exploited and not appreciated for the skills they offer. That’s why you should keep evaluating your employees’ salary based on company growth, workload and skills. If the business can pay better salaries, then you should do it. Research on how the same services or skills are being paid in the market. That’s how to ensure that your employees are well salaried as per the market rates.

7. Help Them Grow

Most employees want to grow and move from their career from the current stage. As an employer, you have a big role to play in their growth. If they want to further education, you should help them create an environment that enables them to study. This includes some day off to attend classes. If they just want to grow experience, provide them with the environment. A good example is giving those who want to grow the managerial skills roles to improve their skills. This will make them feel appreciated.

8. Recognise A Good Job

If the staff have done a good job for the company, appreciate it. But this is something that some bosses fail terribly. Make it your thing to always recognise employees for the excellent job done. It may not be about reward, though it could be good, but just a word of appreciation. This makes the staff feel appreciated for the skills and the hard work. They will have the morale to work on the next project even better. Just say, ‘this is good, thank you’, and it will go a long way.

9. Be Real and Transparent

businesswoman in meeting

For your staff to feel comfortable to work, you must be real and transparent in everything about their work. Make sure that everything, including appraisals, is done transparently. If you are giving feedback on performances, say as it is. Whether it’s negative or positive feedback, be honest. Sometimes, the conversation may be uncomfortable, but it will not hurt the staff if it’s honest.

10. Open Communication

Last but not least, one tip to taking better care of your employees is maintaining an open-door policy. A lot of negative energy builds up when the boss and the employees cannot communicate directly. Be open with the employees by encouraging them to approach you whenever they have something to discuss -be it work-related or personal. But, ensure that the hierarchy of command at the workplace is always observed.

Operating a successful business depends on how you take care of the employees. The trick is to make the staff feel they are part of the company. Make their life easy at work and away from the office. Try these tips, and you will experience a very low employee turnover rate.

Types of Skilled Trade Certificate Programs

Skilled Trade Certificate programs are the programs that prove a person’s qualifications and skills acquired after a training program. A person is eligible for the certificate if they pass the certification examination and meet all the essential requirements to perform the trade in that particular territory.

Earlier, people enhanced their knowledge by undertaking and completing apprenticeships. But today, people take up the trade certificate programs, which is a much short term and earlier process altogether. Workers who undergo this program are equipped with working well with their hands to perform specific functions and tasks involving complicated machinery and equipment. There are mainly three genres that include the training programs in this field,

  • Mechanic and repair
  • Construction
  • Production trades

Mechanic Certificates

Mechanic Certificates

Every machine in the world requires a special kind of attention when it comes to maintenance and repair through its lifecycle. Mechanics are the people who specialize in handling these machines, which includes electronic and repair as well. They can also specialize in the category of automobile repair, which includes Automobile Mechanics Technician Certificates or also an Autobody Repair Certificate. Automobile mechanics can also learn from the Aircraft Maintenance Certificate, which will allow them to work with larger machines in more significant working environments. Another type of certificate called the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and refrigeration) is attained by the mechanics that are specialized in climatic control systems like AC etc.

Construction Certificates

These certificates are essential for the people in the construction field and are required by organizations and professionals.

A general construction certificate is sufficient to provide the basic knowledge of construction if you’re not sure about the field yet. A Plumbing construction certificate is essential for people interested in structuring pipes and other crucial aspects of functioning a building. You’ll learn about the plumbing blueprints, the sewage and waste efficiency construction etc.

Building or site management certificate is essential for a higher managerial position because every construction site or needs a system or a person to manage the workers and the whereabouts. A building or property Maintenance and manger certificate also work for the students that are directly willing to reach to the managerial position. However, the position requires high technical and administrative skills.

Production Trade certificates

Production Trade certificates

This particular job role involves the art of creating or manufacturing goods with skilled labors. It emphasizes more on the crafts and Maintenance part, rather than the natural construction of buildings or maintenance, used in everyday life. Even though there are read-made or machine-made crafts, clothes and other necessities in the market, hand-made goods and items still hold utmost value and is gaining popularity in recent years. Furniture design and manufacturing certificate is required for people passionate about creating unique and highly functional art and artwork.

For example, a professional welder uses the techniques and technologies that are required to cut and join metals together, which cannot be precisely replicated by a machine and hence there is a need for modern construction techniques. A welding certificate will help in learning all the varieties of it.

Booming Trade Careers That Don’t Require Student Loans

Booming Trade Careers That Don’t Require Student Loans

Trade centres are one of the places where you do not need four years of degree which means no student loans Australia. There are a lot of people who comes into the business of trade but will not be able to perform well. It is important that you understand and develop the skill which will help you in having a career in the trade.

Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind turbines technicians is the fastest-growing occupations in the US plus working on the wind turbines, which adds to the help contribute to the source of the green economy. This is one of the most exploding careers which allows you to have a two-year technical course and later complete one-year job training on-the-job training. It is something which brings a lot of joy and allows people to fix it and produce more energy.

Wind Turbine Technicians


An electrician is a lucrative career but is quickly growing in popularity. This is a trade which requires a lot of learning and constantly growing in the field. Becoming an electrician will include 2000 hours of paid on the job training per year (Must Watch). It is something which includes a lot of time and research. It is still one job which will allow you to have a journey and learn as you move and with the constant change in the industry, you will always learn more.

Elevator Mechanics

Elevator mechanics are people who install and repair the elevators, which can help with the moving walkways and types of fits. Elevators mechanics learning their trade through a four-year apprenticeship which can help you start young and allow you to grow healthy and strong. This job has its ups and downs but understanding the pay, benefits and satisfaction of building and fixing elevators to help pursue this path and allowing people to be safe.

Industrial Maintenance Mechanics

Industrial Maintenance Mechanics

Industrial maintenance mechanic is someone who diagnoses and repair issues which can help you with industrial machines. This is unlike many other jobs where you will have to obtain the apprenticeship first, and then you will receive on the job training which can last for over a year. This job requires a lot of training and understanding of the machinery industry.

HVACR Technicians

HVACR technicians are people who can help you stay cool in summer months. To become an HVACR technician, one must lookup for an apprenticeship which will allow one to trade school for the next two years. This is an industry where you will have to learn years of installing and repairing furnaces and air conditioners. If you have the right hands-on experience, you can easily learn to live a modest life, and the filed is still growing with innovation.

Tips For Starting A Successful Plumbing Business

Tips For Starting A Successful Plumbing Business

The plumbing industry was estimated to be $95 billion strong, and according to research the potential for the business is one of the best. Plumbers with the knowledge of their trade can work with industrial and commercial settings and easily earn a salary of $49,000 a year. There are a lot of aspects which includes knowing your niche, marketing your services to help get an attractive business started.

Know your niche

tough competition

There are many plumbing services which include pipe repairs and drain cleaning. There is a lot of competition which is in the business, and you as a business will face a lot of tough competition which helps you find out where you niche lies. It is important that you do your research which allows you to understand your competition and what they have to offer. Your niche can include commercial maintenance, hospital, nursing, homes or large scale buildings, etc. You can use a lot of tools which will help you in understanding the plumbing services which offers with least competition.

Get training and experience

Knowing your particular field of plumbing inside out allows you to find the direction for your business. The first-hand experience of the work is something you want to branch out one, and it is especially important if you are looking for a licensed plumber. To gain the experience, you need to make sure that you are an apprentice with the plumbing company that will allow you to develop in required skills for the job. There are many great advantages to running your business. Try to make sure that you are looking into the courses that is related to plumbing when you are joining the community classes.

Take care of the legal aspect

legal aspect

There are many aspects of the business which can allow you to submit the important documents on the time which started with the plumbing business. Try to make sure that you have all the right documents and clearance to help construct your plumbing business. These documents should not be given the respective authorities to help give the clearance to your business. You are also required to a Tax Identification Number who is liable for the insurance that will allow you to have the right license.

A unique business card

Now that you have your business set up, you also need a unique business card. The card needs to have all the details of the contacts like phone number, fax numbers, website address, email address, etc. The card comes in handy with everything the client wants as they can easily contact the plumbing services every time they want. Modern business cards are designed to help make a good impression on the recipient to help reflect the brand value.

The 7 Most In Demand Trade Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

The 7 Most In Demand Trade Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Most people in the world are juggling between the idea of career and college and just don’t see how these two pieces fit together in the same box. You can choose your own career, but if the need for certificates from reputed degree colleges is what is holding you back, then worry not, because some trade jobs are in great demand in the market. And the best part? They don’t demand a degree certificate. Let’s check them out!

Mechanical Insulator

Mechanical Insulator

Mechanical Insulators are the people that are integral to the operations of most of the modern innovations in today’s world. Be it boilers, air conditioners, massive mechanical plants and many such electrical and mechanical pieces of equipment require these people do ample insulation. The job demands a great combination of critical thinking and modern labour.

Elevator Mechanic

There exists a specialized field that is associated with motorized stairs and platforms. The one’s we see at the airports, the escalators and elevators are all managed by this elevator mechanic. Although some states require a license for this qualification, the majority of them just require a diploma and the zeal to work in the field. However, the only disadvantage of the job is the population. This work demands mechanics at high population areas and the ones that have the contrary, will not provide growth opportunities in the field.

Elevator Mechanic


Paralegals are the support systems of the professional lawyers. From file organizations to report a case, the paralegals must take care of the lawyer’s business. Since the field demands versatility, it is best suited for the jack of all trades. This also means that the candidates appearing for the job must be willing to work in any country or state that demands the job.


No country can survive without electricity as the modern world hums with power. It’s all the magic of the electricians that go into making the country or the city beautiful. A report mentioned that the number of electricians in 2016 rounded off up to 700,000. People applying for this position should be willing to work in any work conditions, with constant internal and external works.

Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist

When you visit a dentist, the first person who addresses you is the dental hygienist. However, the job role doesn’t demand a four or five-year degree, an associate certificate which take a long way, while you can continue studies simultaneously.

Extraction Worker

This job involves the extraction of substances from beneath the earth. Anything from drilling mines, to actually getting your hands dirty, includes the works behind them—the job demands to work in different and extreme climatic conditions with mediocre pay.

Cement Mason

Construction of a building or even a floor can never go bleak. Be it, building roads, parks or private homes, clubhouse, etc., everything needs solid cement and construction workers to fulfill the task. Although the working conditions are tiresome and harsh, it still does not require a degree.


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