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Aboriginal People in the Gibson Desert preview image Aboriginal People in the Gibson Desert (1966)
In 1966 a few Aboriginal families were living nomadic lives in the heart of Australia’s Gibson Desert. Women would collect seeds from Woolybuck grass to make bread whilst their husbands searched for old spearheads and tools for hunting.
An Outback Policeman’s Life preview image An Outback Policeman’s Life (1952)
In the remote outback, a policeman sets out with two Indigenous stockmen to inspect the many hundreds of kilometres he patrols. His duties cover everything from punishing lawbreakers to acting as postmaster.
Axeman Fell Giant Trees preview image Axeman Fell Giant Trees (1949)
The axemen established camps throughout the eucalypt forests in the early 20th century. Their job was a combination of skill and stamina, harvesting giant trees for the rapidly growing hardwood industry.
Early Aviation in Australia preview image Early Aviation in Australia (1929)
Early silent film shows a 1920’s flight to Echuca, including the fashionably dressed passengers enjoying refreshments in a tin shed. The aircraft also delivers sick patients to a waiting ambulance.
The Founding of Canberra preview image The Founding of Canberra (1913)
In 1913 the Basic Living Wage of 2 pounds 8 shillings a week is introduced. Politicians, including Billy Hughes, lay the Foundation Stone for the new National Capital in Canberra.
Lighthouse Keepers and Their Families preview image Lighthouse Keepers and Their Families (1949)
Three lighthouse keepers and their families are the only residents on remote and windswept Maatsuyke Island, off the south-west coast of Tasmania.
The Post War Wool Boom preview image The Post War Wool Boom (1947)
125 million sheep are spread across Australia. 90 thousand tons of lamb and 3 million tons of wool are exported annually. Australia truly rode to prosperity on the sheep’s back.
Wildlife Ranger preview image Wildlife Ranger (1979)
Australia’s far north Arnhem Land is patrolled by the wildlife ranger. In a remote and vast area of pristine natural beauty, the work ranges from tracking wildlife to rescuing baby turtles.