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The following Video Clips have Study Modules suitable for Science Year 10.

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Old Age and the Burden of Dementia preview image Old Age and the Burden of Dementia (1983)
An elderly woman confides to a social worker the lonely burden she faces looking after her dementia-affected husband. She doesn’t want to worry their children, who have their own lives to lead.
Return to the Thai-Burma Railway preview image Return to the Thai-Burma Railway (1987)
Weary Dunlop and his elderly comrades return to the site of the Thai-Burma railway. As prisoners of war they each had to dig three cubic metres of earth a day, virtually with their bare hands.
Test Tube Babies preview image Test Tube Babies (1982)
An egg is collected from a woman’s ovary and placed in a test tube to be fertilised by her husband’s sperm. Once the embryo is growing normally it is placed back in the uterus.