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The following Video Clips have Study Modules relating to "Indigenous Work".

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Aboriginal People in the Gibson Desert preview image Aboriginal People in the Gibson Desert (1966)
In 1966 a few Aboriginal families were living nomadic lives in the heart of Australia’s Gibson Desert. Women would collect seeds from Woolybuck grass to make bread whilst their husbands searched for old spearheads and tools for hunting.
Aboriginal People Make a Canoe and Hunt a Turtle preview image Aboriginal People Make a Canoe and Hunt a Turtle (1948)
Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory is the home of coastal Aboriginal People. On the beach it’s time to play out one of the dramas of daily life - the return of the hunters.
Dreamings, Through Indigenous Art preview image Dreamings, Through Indigenous Art (1988)
Indigenous art is like topographic mapping of land and culture. Michael Nelson Tjakamarra works at painting concentric circles which represent sacred sites.
Indigenous Business – A Cattle Station preview image Indigenous Business – A Cattle Station (1973)
The Yugal Cattle Co was given a grant of $336,000 to go into business running a cattle station. Their dreams of making money from cattle and beef export are big but there are problems. Traditional Indigenous laws are different from white man’s law.
Indigenous Community Market Garden preview image Indigenous Community Market Garden (1973)
An Indigenous community works hard to make a profitable, self-sustaining market garden. The aim is to create jobs for as many of their community as possible.
Indigenous Health Workers preview image Indigenous Health Workers (2003)
Indigenous people, particularly those from remote communities, fear seeking medical attention. Joan Winch, an Indigenous health professional, set up a health worker training college for Indigenous health workers.