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The following Video Clips have Study Modules relating to "Immigration & Work".

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An Australian Greek Wife preview image An Australian Greek Wife (1978)
Toula, an Australian-born Greek wife, is a Workers’ Compensation officer. Breaking free from traditional Greek women’s roles, she desires a career and creative freedom.
Cane Cutters and Mateship preview image Cane Cutters and Mateship (1948)
A group of men get together in a pub and form a cane – cutting gang. Five million tons of sugarcane have to be cut by hand in back breaking conditions in North Queensland.
Giovanni’s Tile Business Grows preview image Giovanni’s Tile Business Grows (1984)
Well-paid but back-breaking sugarcane work in North Queensland provided the initial resources for Giovanni’s business. He and his family went on to create a now highly- successful imported tile business.
A Land of Milk and Honey and English Lessons preview image A Land of Milk and Honey and English Lessons (1951)
Australia needs new migrants to populate the country and build a more prosperous nation. English lessons are available everywhere, including through correspondence and radio courses.